Monday, 20 September 2010

Nostalgia much?

After much thought I have decided to compile a list of my personal top 5 'retro' games (I say retro I'm only 18 so retro for me is 10 years old max) .

Number 5 - Rayman 2

This was one of the first games I got on my PS2 and was also one of my favourite. I spent hours jumping around, collecting lums and doing nothing for a while just to see Rayman play basketball with his body.

The worlds were amazing and the characters were even better, my favourite being the teensies

Number 4 - Spyro 2

Again, one of the first games I played on the PS2, and probably my absolute favourite. I absolutely loved Spyro 2, all the worlds, the characters, the story; all of it. To this day I still know how to complete several of the levels 100%.

I spent hours meticulously going through every level trying to get every single gem and orb.

My favourite level had to be Colossus, one of the first levels; involving mountains, monks and a yeti

Number 3 - Sonic the Hedgehog

Yes, of course Sonic, it had to be there. This was the first video game I ever played. I did not actually own it, but I would often borrow a Mega Drive from a friend of my dad for months on end.

Oh the frustration and hours spent in front of this game. I don't remember much, seeing as I was about 6 at the time, but I remember being incredibly frustrated at a particular underwater level, in which sonic would always drown!

Number 2 - Age of Empires 2

Well, Age of Empires 2, it speaks for itself. My first venture into PC gaming, and remains to this day the best.
The buildings, the units, the campaigns, all of it was excellent.

And then of course there was the multiplayer, my first ever multiplayer experience (save for 2-player split-screen with my friend). Hours spent playing an endless number of custom maps, some incredibly complex (the monk race in particular, anyone else play that?)

Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already! Start the game already!

Number 1 -  Pokemon Blue

THE most important decision of your life.
What else could it be but Pokemon. Pokemon was HUGE. The cartoons, the cards and most importantly the games. For about a year, school lunch times were dominated by pokemon, it was everywhere. I spent  hours and hours of my life training my little bulbasaur into a mighty venasaur.

To me, Pokemon remains the only good hand-held game...ever. You can take your brain training and Loco-Roco and shove it up your arse, nothing comes close to Pokemon!


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  2. great post man, just doing my rounds, keep up the good work =)

  3. i am nostalgianing alot right now!

  4. pokemon red> blue lol but good list man some great games there

  5. ahh.... the good old ps1 console... i miss playing those games.

  6. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog :)

  7. red was better than blue imo, but i like how you included a pic in that also =D thinking of getting a gameboy colour and pokemon red ;o

  8. i played rayman whe ni was young, it is totally awesome! nowadays jump n runs arent like that anymore

  9. The best of the best games right here.

    Minus ray man.

  10. Great post. Really brought back memories. :)

  11. "The most important decision of your life" the time, it totally was XD

  12. age 2 and rayman will always rock.

    showing some luv.

  13. Oh, Spyro :)
    For pokemon i prefer red :P

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